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Mustafa Hulusi’s Extinction is a three-way split screen piece featuring the endemic tulip flower Tulipa Cypria, found in remote and unpopulated areas of Cyprus. Three wilting flowers – one per screen section of the digital tryptic – wither and fade in a meadow, shaken by a light breeze in a hot, silent surrounding. The local vernacular name for Tulipa Cypria is the Cyprus Black Tulip; the reason being that shortly before the flower perishes, its petals turn a dark, enigmatic, almost black color.

Sharp, Clean, Mechanical, Spacial, Temporal, Infinity, Modern, Bliss, and The End.

This morbid yet mesmerizing metamorphosis is a fascinating spectacle and has arrested the gaze of many viewers of the flower. Hulusi’s video collage is accompanied by music specifically composed and performed by the Peruvian composer Gonzalo Garrido-Lecca.

View and purchase Exctinction digital edition on Sedition. 


Mustafa Hulusi (born 1971) is a London based conceptual artist who uses a diverse set of mediums for his work, such as painting, photography, video and installation. Being of Cypriot-Turkish origin Hulusi explores his dislocated cultural background in his work which deals with hybrid identities. For his contribution to Sedition he has constructed video works that fuse hyper-abstract elements with realist imagery. His Eastern Mediterranean heritage informs his work and he often uses the flora and fauna of Cyprus. Influenced both by op art and 1970s photo-realism, his work is distinctively eye-catching often incorporating simultaneous themes of abstraction and figuration.

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