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For Pound, Mary Katrantzou uses a similar system as when creating her textiles: she chooses an unwearable object – a pound note – and makes it the central theme of her design.

The effect is hypnotic, fascinating, and stunningly beautiful all at once.

She appropriates, changes and plays with it until it generates a completely new form. Pound is a collage of many fragments of English pound notes that are fused into a magical whole that is then animated according to the rules of a kaleidoscope.

View and purchase Pound digital edition on Sedition. 

Mary Katrantzou

Fashion designer Mary Katrantzou (b.1983, Athens) studied for a BA in Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design before transferring to Central Saint Martins, London, where she completed her degree in Textile Design in 2005 and graduated with a MA with Distinction in Fashion in 2008.

This two-dimensionality and Katrantzou's meticulous attention to detail when it comes to patterns, symmetry, and colour make her textile designs impressive visual creations in their own right. The nature of her work lends itself exceptionally well to the creation of works of art - and Katrantzou's collaboration with Sedition is her first step into the realm of digital art.

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