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Syn _mod.3

Based on the same concept as Kurokawa’s initial syn_ piece, syn_mod.3 is the third edition in this series, further developing on the original audiovisual concert piece

syn_mod.3 uses ideas of harmony and dissonance to explore abstract patterns and sound.

As a hypnotic swell of sand appears to deliver and dissolve these beautifully choreographed animations onto black; syn_mod.3 proves the most technically tender of the works. For syn_mod.3 Kurokawa generates these molecule life forms that appear to dissolve to dust, as they twist and turn in space.

View and purchase syn_mod.3 digital edition on Sedition. 

Ryoichi Kurokawa

Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa (b. 1978) uses various media - video, installation, recording and live performances - in order to produce exceptional audio-visual sound pieces which he has been pioneering and presenting internationally since 1999. He describes his works as time-based sculptures and considers sound and image as a single unit. His works are literally compositions - symphonies of sounds imagined and produced as well as recorded - that, in combination with video material and computer generated aesthetics, change how the spectator views the familiar.

Ryoichi Kurokawa invents and presents an audiovisual language where complexity and simplicity alternate and combine in a fascinating synthesis.

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